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    In This Topic

    Nevron Chart for SharePoint supports multiple titles. Titles are added, removed and edited by the Titles Tab of the Chart Major Tab (Chart - Titles). Following is a description of the properties of each title.


    Text - specifies the text displayed by the title. See the XML Formatted Texts topic for more information on how to create texts with rich formatting.

    Orientation - controls the orientation of the title text. Possible values are:

    • Horizontal - the text is displayed with horizontal orientation.
    • Vertical Upward - the text is displayed with vertical orientation and flows bottom to top.
    • Vertical Downward - the text is displayed with vertical orientation and flows top to bottom.
    • Automatic - automatically chooses one of the above modes, based on the title docking position (Horizontal - for bottom and top positions, Vertical Upward for left and Vertical Downward for right). In case the title is manually positioned this mode resolves to Horizontal.

    Fit Mode - controls how the text of the label will fit the bounds provided by the control layout. Possible values are:

    Fit Mode Description
    Wrap The label content is wrapped inside the bounds, thus not allowing it to exceed the available width. The bounds height may increase. No text information is lost and the text is displayed with the specified font size. This is the default mode.
    Clip The label content is clipped inside the bounds. In this mode the label size will not change however text information can be lost at small sizes.
    Fit The label content is fitted inside the bounds. No text information is lost, however the text size may become small and unreadable at small sizes.
    Stretch The label content is stretched to fit the bounds.

    Text Alignment Mode - controls how text lines in a multi line text are aligned. Possible values are:

    Text Alignment Mode Description
    Auto The alignment is automatically chosen by the control depending on the setting of Dock Position (specified in the Layout page). This is the default setting.
    Left Text lines are left aligned.
    Center Text lines are center aligned.
    Right Text lines are right aligned.

    Text Style - controls the appearance of the title text.

    The properties in this page control the layout of the title. For more information see Understanding the Chart Layout.
    Lets you choose the type of action associated with the title. See Actions and Drill Down reports for more info.