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Connecting to Data / Connecting to Data
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    Connecting to Data
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    Prior to authoring charts and gauges, you must first connect the respective web part to a data source. The Data Source page is by default displayed by both designers, when the web part is not connected to a data source.

    Located at the top of the data source page is the Data Source Type Combo, which lets you select the type of data source to which you want to connect. For each selected data source type, the data source page will display only applicable connection options. Currently the web parts in the suite can connect to the following types of data sources:

    If the webpart is successfully connected to a data source it will display an info message at the bottom of the page. You may then preview the first 1000 records of the data source by clicking on the Preview Data button. If the webpart is failing to connect to data source a relevant message will indicate the error.

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