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Connecting to Data / Connecting to Excel Web Services
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    Connecting to Excel Web Services
    In This Topic

    Excel Web Services provide a web service interface towards Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets. This allows you to connect to any spreadsheet for which a valid URL can be provided.

    The Excel Web Services connection panel is displayed when you select the Excel Web Services option from the Data Source Type combo:

    Workbook Path - enter the URL of the workbook.

    Range - specifies the range of cells from the workbook. The range can be specified in two ways:

    1. Sheet and cell range



    [SheetName!] - is optional and specifies the name of the sheet. If not specified by default the first sheet of the workbook is considered.
    LD:LD - specifies the range of the cell in the workbook. L is the sequence of letters and specifies a sheet column (the webpart will automatically convert lower case letters to upper case). D is a sequence of digits and specifies a sheet row.

    2. Named range

    Just type the name of a named range of cells from the workbook. In Excel you can assign a name to any range of cells.

    First Row Contains Column Names - if this check is checked the names of the columns in the table generated for the sheet will be obtained from the first row in the selected range. Otherwise the web part will assign automatic names to the columns.

    The Excel sheet is not a relational table, meaning that you can have values of different type in each column of the selected range. The Nevron Pivot engine is designed to handle such tabular data sources and will assign the Automatic column type to all columns.

    All properties of the Excel Web Services connection can be specified with expressions too.