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Version History / What is New in 2022 Vol. 1
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    What is New in 2022 Vol. 1
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    Following is a summary of the new features introduced by the 2012.1 release:

     Improved Installation

    The SharePoint Vision installer has been improved to better report common installation problems as well as to allow for registration of version ranges for assembly binding. This is useful when migrating pages that contain older versions of the web parts in the suite.

     Enhancements to Nevron Chart for SSRS

    Nevron Chart for SharePoint has been enhanced with the following features:

    • Added axis settings for controlling the tick density on categorical scales. The categorical axes now support Min Distance, Max Count, and Custom Step tick settings.
    • Ability to exclude series from the scale range calculation. The Include in X Axis Range and Inlcude In Y Axis Range settings in value groupings allow you to exclude the generated series from the X / Y axis range calculation.
    • Added data label Fit Mode and Max Width properties to data labels settings. This allows you to specify the max width of the generated labels.
    • Added Minor Tick Count property to angular scales used in Polar charts.
    • Added controllable label Separator setting for values, categories, and series groupings.
    • Added New regression types - power, logarithmic and exponential regressions are now implemented.       
    • Added support for per series and per data point label settings for all charting types.
    • Added support for per series and per data point marker settings for all charting types.
    • Performance optimizations in the heat map labeling and triangulation algorithms.
     Other Improvements
    • Fixed all reported problems in the web parts in the suite.