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Version History / What is New in 2016 Vol. 1
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    What is New in 2016 Vol. 1
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    Following is a summary of the new features introduced by the 2016.1 release: 

     Enhancements to Nevron Chart for SharePoint

    Nevron Chart for SharePoint is enhanced with the following features:           

    • New Heat Map series - this charting type lets you display a matrix of elevation values as a grid of colors, which are taken from an associated palette. In addition the heat map series can show a set of contour lines (isolines) that cross specified elevation values.
    • New Subtypes for Polar Charts - the Polar chart contains the Polar Range and Polar Vector chart subtypes. Both chart subtypes allows you to visualize a pair of polar coordinates as a range or vector respectively.
    • New Table Scale - the Table Scale can visualize the data values of the series represented in a particular category. Table rows can be annotated with a series name and table columns can be annotated with the category name. This feature is very useful for stacked and clustered bar charts.
    • Value Palette - the Bar, Area, Smooth Area, Range and High Low series have been extended to support a feature called value palette. This feature allows you to color code the data points of the series depending on a their value so that the chart becomes more visually appealing to the user.
    • Bar Chart type supports a Histogram chart subtype with many options for controlling the histogram bin ranges.
    • Axis Scales have the ability to hide the first / last automatically generated label.
     Enhancements to Nevron Barcode for SharePoint

    Nevron Barcode for SharePoint is enhanced with the following features:   

    • Content Alignment - when in Scale mode the barcode content can be aligned to the barcode content area.
    • Show Label - the linear barcode labels can be optionally shown / hidden.
    • Data Matrix - new matrix barcode type.