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Values Data Groupings - Data Labels

fig. 1  - Values Data Groupings - Data Labels tab

Data labels are descriptive texts displayed over data points. Following is a description of the data labels properties:  

Visible - specifies whether data labels are visible or not. By default set to false. 

Position - controls the position of the data labels relatively to the shape used to display the data point. Possible values are:

Format - specifies the format of the text displayed in the data point. See the Data Point Formatting Commands topic for a complete discussion on the commands, which can be used.

Text Style - controls the appearance of the data label text. 

Arrow Length - controls the length of the arrow, which connects the data label with the data point. 

Pointer Length - for data labels which are connected to the data point with a two step link the pointer length controls the length of this second segment (for example a Pie chart in Spider label mode). 

Arrow Style - controls the appearance of the arrow link, which connects the data point with the data label.



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