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    Stroke Style FX Editor
    In This Topic

    The Stroke Style FX Editor provides visual editing of the properties, that let you define a stroke, border or outline, based on a mixture of constant property values and expressions. It is shown when you click the FX Button of a stroke property editor.


    Following is a description of its properties:

    Automatic - specifies whether the stroke style is automatically determined. If this check is checked the entire stroke style editor will be disabled. Uncheck this check if you want to provide a local stroke style value.

    Color - specifies the color of the stroke

    Width - sets the width of the stroke (measured in Points).

    Dash Style - controls the dashing of the stroke. Possible values are: Solid, Dash, Dot, Dash-Dot and Dash-Dot-Dot

    Line Join - controls the shape of the line joints. Possible values are: Meter, Bevel, Round and Meter Clipped.