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Stroke Style Editor

The Stroke Style Editor provides complete visual editing for the settings, which define the outline, border or stroke style of a particular element.

Following is a brief description of the Stroke Style Editor User Interface:

Use automatic check - specifies whether the stroke style is automatically determined. If this check is checked the entire stroke style editor will be disabled. Uncheck this check if you want to provide a local stroke style value.

Color button - selects the color of the stroke.

Width selector - sets the width of the stroke (measured in a unit from one of the four predefined measurement systems).

Dash style - you can choose between several predefined dash styles, or you can create a custom one. If the dash style is a broken line, the Factor numeric updown specifies a per dash pixel multiplier. 

Dash cap combo - if the dash style is a broken line, the dash cap specifies the shape of the caps for each dash. They can be Flat, Round or Triangle.

Line join combo - specifies the way in which two straight line segments must be joined.



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