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    State Indicator
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    State indicators are used to represent a value as a visual state. For example a common use for state indicators is found in car dashboards where usually a red led indicator is lit when the car will soon run out of fuel.

    Each state indicator has a value (controlled through the data section) and a variable number of states. Each state indicator state has a range and style settings. When the value of the state indicator changes it will go trough the available states and display the active ones. A state is considered active when its range contains the state indicator value.

    The following settings relate to state indicators:


    Data Group

    Value - defines the state indicator current value. Specified by an expression/gauge formula editor (see Gauge Formulas).

    Use Automatic Size - controls whether the indicator will use it's automatic size based on the shape and text dimensions, or use the size provided by the control layout.

    States Group - the states group mode controls how the state indicator will show active state.

    Active State Mode - controls how active states are visualized. The following table lists the available options:

    • All Active - all Active states are visualized.
    • Last Active - only the last active state is visualized.
    • First Active - only the first active state is visualized.

    When the active state mode is set to All Active you also have the option to specify whether the active states (if more than one) will be laid out horizontally or vertically. This is done trough the Orientation setting.

    Orientation - controls the layout direction when the state indicator shows more than one state. Possible values are Horizontal and Vertical.

    Cell Gap - controls the gap between active states in the horizontal or vertical direction depending on Orientation.

     Default State

    The default state of the indicator is visualized when there no active states. This can happen in two cases - when there is no state in the state indicator states collection or when none of the states has a range that contains the indicator value.

    The settings of the default state are the same as any other state, except there is no range - see States for more information.