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    Smooth Area Chart
    In This Topic

    Smooth Area charts are similar to Area charts, the difference being that the successive data points are connected with cubic spline segments instead of straight lines.  Following is a description of the smooth area chart settings:


    Sub Type - the following table summarizes the different subtypes of the area chart type:


    X Dimension Type

    Z Dimension Type

    Data Requirements






    Shows series behind each other (best viewed in 3D).

    XY Scatter




    Besides the value, each data point has a X coordinate at which it is positioned.

    All subtypes support a Label value for each data point. The Y dimension is always Numeric.

    Depth Percent - defines the depth of the area in the series in percents of the series size along the depth axis.

    Drop Lines - when checked, displays vertical lines at each data point, which connect the data point value with the area base line.

    The settings in the Palette tab are described in the Value Palette Settings topic.

     Automatic Data Labels Positioning

    The automatic positioning of data labels in the case of all types of stacks is the data point center. In all other cases data labels are displayed on top of the data point.

     Automatic Legend Mode

    The automatic legend mode in all subtypes evaluates to series (e.g. the series is displayed in the legend).