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Radial Gauge

A radial gauge displays axes, pointers and ranges in a circular (polar) fashion. Following is a description of the radial gauge settings:

Sub Type - specifies a predefined radial gauge. The following table summarizes the relationship between the subtype and the begin angle, sweep angle and border shape of the gauge:

Subtype Begin Angle Sweep Angle Border Shape
Radial 100 340 Circle
QuarterNorthEast 270 90 RoundedOutline
QuarterNorthWest 180 90 RoundedOutline
QuarterSouthWest 90 90 RoundedOutline
QuarterSouthEast 0 90 RoundedOutline
HalfNorth 180 180 RoundedOutline
HalfSouth 180 -180 RoundedOutline
HalfWest 90 180 RoundedOutline
HalfEast 90 -180 RoundedOutline
Custom User Specified User Specified User Specified

Begin Angle - defines the begin angle of the radial gauge (only visible when Sub Type is Custom)

Sweep Angle - defines the sweep angle of the radial gauge (only visible when Sub Type is Custom)

Border Shape - defines the radial gauge border shape (only visible when Sub Type is Custom)

Inner Radius - specifies a distance from the radial gauge center point from which gridlines and stripes are drawn towards the circle rim. When using axis docking to the bottom axis zone the inner radius specifies the distance from the gauge center point at which radial docked axes start.

Cap - the properties contained in this group define the appearance of the radial gauge cap

Width - controls the width of the cap

Height - controls the height of the cap

Fill Style - controls the cap filling

Stroke Style - controls the cap outline

Shadow Style - controls the cap shadow



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