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    Polar Angle Axis
    In This Topic

    The Polar Angle axis scales the polar series angles in the polar chart angle dimension. It always uses an Angular scale (which is cyclic). The Polar Angle axis has a set of settings, which are grouped in several property pages. Following is a description for the settings related to Polar Angle axes:


    Visible - defines the visibility of the axis.

    Orientation - defines the axis orientation. The axis orientation is the side where labels appear when looking at the axis scale from its start point. For example a typical polar value axis will have Left orientation (labels are positioned on the left side). Possible values are: 

    Auto - the axis will automatically determine its orientation based on its position (see below). 
    Left - the axis will always use left orientation regardless of its position.
    Right - the axis will always use right orientation.

    The rest of the Polar Angle axis settings are common for all axis types and are briefly described in the Common Axis Settings topic.