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Kagi Chart

Kagi charts display series of vertical lines to illustrate general levels of supply and demand for certain assets. The thickness and direction of the lines are dependent on the price action. Thick lines are drawn when the price breaks above the previous high price and is interpreted as an increase in demand. Thin lines are used to represent increased supply when the price falls below the previous low. Kagi charts ignore the passage of time.


Sub Type - the following table summarizes the different subtypes of the range chart:

Subtype X Dimension Type Z Dimension Type Data Requirements Description
Series Categorical Categorical


X Values are automatically generated by the control.

XY Scatter Price Categorical



Reversal Amount - Price reversals are ignored if the amount of the change is below the value of the reversal amount.

Reversal Amount in Percents - The reversal amount can be specified as a fixed value or as a percent of the current price. Check the Reversal Amount In Percents property to true in order to specify the reversal amount in percents.


Automatic Data Labels Positioning
The automatic positioning of data labels is the data point center.
Automatic Legend Mode
The automatic legend mode in all subtypes evaluates to series (e.g. the series is displayed in the legend).



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