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    In This Topic

    Ticks are represented as shapes and usually pin point the values denoted by axis labels. There are two types of ticks:

    Their appearance is controlled from the Gauge Area > Axes > Major Ticks and Gauge Area > Axes > Minor Ticks tabs.

     Major Ticks

    The major ticks tab contains the following settings:

    Shape - controls the shape of the major ticks. Possible settings are Line, Bar, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Ellipse, Cross, Diagonal Cross, Line Cross, Line Diagonal Cross and Star.

    Offset - controls the offset of the major ticks in the scale.

    Width - controls the width of the major ticks. Note that when the currently selected shape is line the width is not regarded.

    Height -  controls the height of the major ticks.

    Fill Style - controls the filling of the major ticks.

    Stroke Style - controls the stroke of the major ticks. 

     Minor Ticks

    The minor ticks tab contains the same settings as the major ticks. The number of minor ticks between two major ticks is controlled from the Gauge Area > Axes > Scale > Minor Tick Count setting.