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Getting Started / Activation
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    Evaluation License

    Nevron SharePoint Vision is distributed with a 60 day free, non binding evaluation / trial license. You are free to test the fully functional product for 60 days, after which you must either license the product or remove it from your system.

    The evaluation license is automatically activated when you install the product on a SharePoint server(s). However, when trial mode expires, the message "The evaluation period has expired" will appear in place of the controls.

    The evaluation version is fully functional

    Product Activation

    Nevron SharePoint Vision and the individual web parts in it are licensed per server.

    The product is distributed as unified binaries (DLL) for both evaluation/trial and production uses. No additional installations / uninstallations need to be performed.

    In order to activate the product you need to obtain a license for each server machine running the webparts in the suite. Those licenses are bound to the machines running the software - the following sections describe the steps needed to obtain a license:

    1. Obtaining the Server Id 

    Open the Chart or Gauge designer and navigate to the Licensing page:

    The page displays the license information for each server on the farm. In order to license a server you have to copy its Id and contact Nevron sales ( In response you'll receive a license key that unlocks this server. You need to paste that license key in the key field at the bottom of the page and then to press the update button (under Action):


    Now the webpart evaluation watermark has disappeared and the control displays the license information next to each server. For further information or requests please contact Nevron sales (

    In order to properly add the license key (to store in the farm), on the SharePoint configuration database in SQL Server (usually SharePoint_Config), you may need to provide EXECUTE permissions for the account running the Application Pool for the web application. If needed you can remove the EXECUTE permission afterwards.

    If you then receive an error message regarding the cache.ini file when saving the license key: For the Config folder at: "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\SharePoint\Config", provide Full control for the WSS_WPG group on all WFE servers. Check that the permissions are also applied to the cache.ini file under the config folder. Then save the license. Once the license is saved, you can roll-back the permissions for the Config folder. Once the key is added to the farm, you will be able to revert these configuration settings.

    It is recommended to contact a sales representative prior to purchasing.