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Map Area

The map area represents the area from the map web part in which the map is rendered. Inside each map web part there is only one map area, around which there can be legends and titles.

The map area editor has the following sub tabs:

Inside this tab you can edit the map layers that are displayed inside the map area. Nevron Map for SharePoint supports multiple map layers, so that you can "overlay" multiple ESRI maps inside a single map web part. See Map Layers for more info.
The viewport tab contains settings the help you control the way in which geospatial data is transformed to 2D coordinates (map projection) as well as specify the portion of the map on which you want to zoom. See Viewport for more info.
Parallels and Meridians
The Parallels and Meridians tab contains settings the help you control the appearance of the Parallels and Meridians of the map. See Parallels and Meridians for more info.
Inside this page you will find settings for the margins and padding applied to the map area panel. See The Map Layout for more information.
From this page you can control the background of the map area panel.
Lets you specify an action that is associated with the map area. See Actions and Drill Down reports for more information.



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