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Logical Functions
Syntax Description Example
AND(b1[, b2, ..., bN]) Returns TRUE if all arguments are TRUE. If any of the arguments is FALSE, the AND function returns FALSE.

AND(true, false)
Returns: false

AND(true, true)
Returns: true

IF(bCondition, varTrue, varFalse) Returns varTrue if condition is TRUE. Otherwise, it returns varFalse. IF(a>b, 2, 10)
Returns 2 if a > b, otherwise returns 10.
NOT(bCondition) Returns TRUE if condition is FALSE. Otherwise, it returns FALSE.

Returns: false

Returns: true

OR(b1[, b2, ..., bN) Returns TRUE if any of the arguments is TRUE.

OR(true, false)
Returns: true

OR(false, false)
Returns: false



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