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Category and Series Data Grouping

As mentioned in The Chart Data Model topic, the category and series data grouping are dynamic. This means that at runtime a single dynamic data grouping can generate zero, one or more data grouping members. Because at design time you can create child dynamic data grouping the runtime structure of the data grouping member's forms a hierarchical structure (i.e. a tree). 

The hierarchical structure of the category data grouping members is typically displayed on the chart X dimension (when the current chart type has a categorical X dimension). The hierarchical structure of the series data grouping members plus the members produced for the leaf values data groupings is typically displayed on the chart Z dimension (when the current chart type has a categorical Z dimension and the chart is in 3D mode). 

Category/series data groupings are added, removed and edited by the Pivot > Data Groupings > Categories and Pivot > Data Groupings > Series tab pages respectively:

Following is a description of the properties of the Category and Series Data Groupings as they appear in the visual interface.


Label - specifies the text, which represents the local data grouping label. The label text will appear in the hierarchical scale constructed for category/series data grouping (in case the chart X/Z dimension is categorical). In the case of a series data grouping it is also used in the construction of the full series label (see Values Data Groupings - for more information). See the XML Formatted Texts topic for more information on how to create texts with rich formatting.

Group By List - lets you type the expressions on which to group the data. See Grouping for complete discussion.


Filters List - lets you define the filters for the the data grouping. Each item defines a filter rule, which is combined with an AND with the previous filters. See Filtering for complete discussion.


Sortings List - lets you define the sorting rules for the data grouping. See Sorting for complete discussion.

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